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The Prayer Bead Box

All through history, in every culture in the world, beads have been used for prayer. round like the Earth, they contain a mysterious and magical link between us and our spiritual world.

The Prayer Bead Box contains a beautifully illustrated hardcover book that traces the history and uses of prayer beads through all their different forms. It gives medi-tations and prayers to be used with beads as well as information about their care and subtle energies. Accompanying the book are a string of 108 sandalwood beads and a velvet sachet. These are your prayer beads and they can open a door for you to the very heart of prayer.

Take these beads in your hands and enter their world. A prayerful heart is a grateful and joyful one, a prayerful heart is a blessed one.

Published by Viking Compass.
ISBN: 0-670-03010-4

Designed by i4 designs, Sausalito, CA

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