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Ninety-Nine Names of Love

Expressions of the Heart

Drawn from the universal experience of loving, the expressions of love that are found in this book lead the reader on a journey of discovery. The many subtle aspects of the heart are addressed by poets and mystics from around the world. Gathered together they evoke the image of a rainbow that spans many worlds and guides us to the treasures that lie within our soul.

Ninety-Nine Names of Love are ninety-nine of the innumerable subtle aspects by which we recognize that life is divine, for it is through the experience of love that we know life is divine. It is through the expression of love that beauty is born and that life's ecstasy is felt. It is through tasting the subtle flavors of love that the heart grows richer and through journeying deeper into the longing to unite with the beloved that we find ultimate joy.

Published by Andrews McMeel
ISBN: 0-7407-3831-3

Designed by Amy Ray

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